Supportive Aides

Supportive-AidesSociety members volunteer throughout the school year as tutors and supportive aides - including library aides - at Blessed Savior South Elementary School. They help and encourage children to become better students and assist teachers in many ways. The Christ Child Society Milwaukee Chapter is pleased to have provided the following support for students, teachers and staff:

  • • Computers, computer maintenance and software for the computer lab
  • • Two mimeos that make the Smartboard available to all grades
  • • Internet connection for each classroom
  • • Books and materials to update the school's library
  • • Books and school supplies
  • • Funding for an 8th grade retreat
  • • Funding for teacher computer education and training

Through these gifts, the Christ Child Society hopes to create an environment that cultivates a love of learning among students, fostering self-esteem and improving math and reading skills.

Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities with the Christ Child Society's Milwaukee Chapter.